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STEPS FOR GENERATING A VOSVIEWER NETWORK FILE FROM VANTAGEPOINT: 1. Generate an empty folder and copy a VantagePoint file of interest to it. 2. Copy Generate_VOS_Network_from_VP.vpm and Generate_VOS_Network_from_VP.xlsm to this same folder. 3. In VantagePoint run the script Generate_VOS_Network_from_VP.vpm. 4. … Continue reading

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Aesthetics in the age of digital humanities

One of the most difficult but yet unavoidable tasks for every academic field is to define its own nature and demarcate its area. This article addresses the question of how current computational text-mining approaches can be used as tools for … Continue reading

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Making a VOSviewer Map from a VantagePoint matrix

Download  to your computer. Run with a matrix open (like Matrix Viewer) It will ask for a base filename to save. It will create _map and _network_sparse text files. Those files can be used in VOSviewer to Create a new map … Continue reading

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Text-mining and visualization using VOSviewer

Extended Abstract – NEW S,T&I VISUALIZATIONS  session at “1st Global TechMining Conference” 2011 Author(s): Nees Jan van Eck and Ludo Waltman (Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University) VOSviewer is a computer program that we have developed for constructing, visualizing, and … Continue reading

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