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Emergence scoring to identify frontier R&D topics and key players

Indicators of technological emergence promise valuable intelligence to those determining R&D priorities. We present an implemented algorithm to calculate emergence scores for topical terms from abstract record sets. We offer a family of emergence indicators deriving from those scores. Primary … Continue reading

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Análisis cienciométrico de la producción científica acerca de la investigación sobre la evaluación de la implementación del e-learning en el periodo 2000-2015 (Scientometric analysis e-learning research in the period 2000-2015)

A profile is conducted on e-learning using bibliographic data from Scopus and Web of Science (WoS) from the year 2000 to 2015. A five-step scientometric analysis methodology is used: i) Recovery, ii) Migration, iii) Analysis, iv) Visualization v) Interpretation. A set … Continue reading

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Is organizational learning being absorbed by knowledge management? A systematic review

This paper aims to focus on research regarding organizational learning (OL) and knowledge management (KM), and to specifically investigate whether OL has been conceptually absorbed by KM. The study is based on 16,185 articles from the Scopus and ISI Web of … Continue reading

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Insights into relationships between disruptive technology/innovation and emerging technology: A bibliometric perspective

“Disruptive technology & disruptive innovation” have been of scholarly interest for years, but there is still a need to better understand the nature of disruptions and their relationship to emerging technology processes. This paper pursues these issues by analyzing the … Continue reading

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Autonomous systems: A bibliometric and patent analysis (full-text)

This report examines Germany’s research and patent position in four autonomous systems: smart homes, smart factories, autonomous vehicles (non-hostile environments), and autonomous vehicles in hostile environments. Bibliometric analysis of scholarly papers indexed in the Web of Science and patent analysis of documents in … Continue reading

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A systematic literature review on green supply chain management: research implications and future perspectives

This article aims to present the Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) practices from a comprehensive point of view and to analyze the subject’s behaviour in the last ten years, through a systematic literature review/bibliometric analysis in articles published from 2006 … Continue reading

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Mapping of Trace Elements in Coal and Ash Research Based on a Bibliometric Analysis Method Spanning 1971–2017 (full-text)

Coal is the most important fossil energy used in China. The environmental impact of trace elements released in coal combustion has become one of the hottest issues in recent years. Based on a software named CiteSpace, and social network analysis … Continue reading

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South-south collaboration on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment research: when birds of a feather rarely flock together (full-text)

South-south collaboration on health and development research is a critical mechanism for social and economic progress. It allows sharing and replicating experiences to find a “southern solution” to meet shared health challenges, such as access to adequate HIV/AIDS prevention and … Continue reading

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Measuring and visualizing research collaboration and productivity (full-text)

This paper presents findings of a quasi-experimental assessment to gauge the research productivity and degree of interdisciplinarity of research center outputs. Of special interest, we share an enriched visualization of research co-authoring patterns. We compile publications by 45 researchers in … Continue reading

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Gender distinctions in patenting: Does nanotechnology make a difference?

Analyzing the domestic patent records filed with the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the 16-year time period from 1990 to 2005, this study benchmarks the collaboration patterns and gender-specific performance in patenting nanotechnology, a newly emerging field, … Continue reading

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