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Collaboration LineStrings for Google Earth and Google Maps

LineStrings sript useful for viewing collaborations in Google Earth and Google Maps. LineString widths are assigned sizes proportional to the number of records associated with a given collaboration (i.e. an LineString affiliated with 10 records would be twice as thick … Continue reading

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Calculating the Integration Score using WoS dataset

Integration scores are useful for calculating diversity among cited references. Before calculating Integration scores you need the following files in the following directories: 1. CreateCitedWCs.vpm in your C:\Program Files\VantagePoint\Macros folder Download  2. Calculate Integration Only v2.vpm in your C:\Program Files\VantagePoint\Macros … Continue reading

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STEPS FOR GENERATING A VOSVIEWER NETWORK FILE FROM VANTAGEPOINT: 1. Generate an empty folder and copy a VantagePoint file of interest to it. 2. Copy Generate_VOS_Network_from_VP.vpm and Generate_VOS_Network_from_VP.xlsm to this same folder. 3. In VantagePoint run the script Generate_VOS_Network_from_VP.vpm. 4. … Continue reading

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Acronym Eliminator

This script removes acronyms from an active list in VantagePoint by converting them into their full word form (if their full word form exists in the same list as the acronym). To use: activate a list of interest and run … Continue reading

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One-click Patent Analysis using VantagePoint script and Excel template

In 2015 the patent informatics team at the UK-IPO were asked by the Government to produce patent analysis on over 45 different technology areas of interest to policy advisors. With a four-week deadline, such large volume patent analysis required a … Continue reading

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Making a VOSviewer Map from a VantagePoint matrix

Download  to your computer. Run with a matrix open (like Matrix Viewer) It will ask for a base filename to save. It will create _map and _network_sparse text files. Those files can be used in VOSviewer to Create a new map … Continue reading

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VantagePoint Heatmap

Stephen Carley (via the VantagePoint Institute) is pleased to offer a heatmap program for viewing VantagePoint records in heatmap format. Maps are rendered using a color scheme of the user’s choice, with areas that exhibit more intense activity correlating with … Continue reading

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ClusterSuite – term-clumping macro toolset

ClusterSuite is a macro which runs a series of thesauri, macros, and other term-cleaning and clustering programs to perform dimension reduction on a list, making it more approachable and manageable. It intends to minimize noise and maximize prominent topics, which … Continue reading

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Gmail Import to VantagePoint

The following provides guidance for exporting the content of a Gmail inbox to VantagePoint. To begin, start by creating a folder on your local drive and copying Gmail_Import_to_VP to this folder. Then take the following steps: Step 1: Install Mozilla Thunderbird ( … Continue reading

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Update to Aduna Cluster Maps – September 2015

Java requires that our supporting jar files be periodically re-signed to ensure that they are safe for distribution. This period elapsed recently and we’ve had to re-sign those files. Those are included in the update. The macro also checks that … Continue reading

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